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Free Browser strategiesDo you want to feel like the ruler of a huge kingdom, conquer new territories and crush your enemies? Choose browser-based online strategies in real time – a real test for innate leaders and strategists.

Platform Miniclip Games gives an opportunity to everyone who wants to play strategy in the browser for free without the need to download the client. Think of a login and a password, choose the side – and forward, to the scale battles for the crown!

From the Middle Ages to the 20th century

The bulk of online strategies in real time are fantasy and historical projects with knights, dragons and magic. Among the leaders were:

New Browser strategiesThe game of empires: economic and military strategy, where it is important to plan the upcoming battle and ensure the procurement of necessary resources. Build the city, dig beds, arm detachments, train soldiers – to win in turn-based combat, one luck is not enough.
Empire Online 2: The Caliphate is a strategic game in the browser, executed in the spirit of the Arab world. Military expansion and trade intervention, cultural revolution or diplomatic advantage – the ways to achieve goals are multifaceted and numerous.
Ways of history: a global event in the world of strategic games in real time. From the Stone Age to the era of space flights, from the manufacture of iron guns to nuclear power plants – the system, develop, learn technology and, of course, conquer new territories. Play in the browser for free in a project comparable in scale to the Civilization!

Echoes of War

Interested in the Second World War? Do you know all the fronts and battles? Then try to take responsibility for the victory. Platform Miniclip Games invites you to test yourself in the historical strategic browser games for free!

Browser strategies for freeLiberation of Europe: choose a faction and reshape history. Conquer the United States, destroy Berlin, swamp the ships of the Japanese and their allies. You decide who will be the winner in the most bloody and epochal war of the XX century.
The generals of the Second World War are a military strategy with excellent tactical capabilities and modern graphics. Plunging into events on the battlefields, you forget about reality and feel yourself participating in large-scale events that change history.
Platform Miniclip Games gives a unique opportunity to play browser-based online games of various genres. Choose where you will win today!

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